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01 May 2021
Labour Day
14 May 2021
Eid al-Fitr
30 May 2021
Mother's Day
31 January - 06 February, 2021
31 January
  • 2021 Pool Party
    DJ: Avi S/ Mac Bryson
    Franco/ Sega Show

    11:00am - 06:00pm  The Pool Party 2021 :: Other Events

01 February
  • Mauritius celebrates Abolition of Slavery Day, or simply “Abolition Day” on 1 February. This looks back to the time in 1835 when slavery was abolished in Mauritius.
    Slavery came to Mauritius in the mid-1600’s with colonisation by the Netherlands. About 100 slaves from Madagascar were brought to Mauritius by the Dutch in the earliest days of colonisation, and many more followed. They were harshly treated, and whenever they rebelled, the punishment was extremely severe.

    However, in the early 1700’s, the Netherlands gave up on its colony in Mauritius and abandoned it to the French. The new French rulers soon brought yet more slaves. In 1810, the British seized control of Mauritius, and already by that time, seven out of every 10 people in Mauritius were slaves.

    Finally, on 1 February, 1835, slavery was abolished in Mauritius. The government paid the plantation owners to compensate them for their loss, but the decree to end slavery was not optional. 

    Today, Mauritius looks back to the end of slavery and all of the social and economic changes it brought with it. It was, in many respects, the beginning of “modern Mauritius.

    Abolition of Slavery :: Art and Culture

05 February
  • Come and enjoy our NIGHT MARKET when it is nice and cool. A music Jam session with DJ Chris and musicians Kurt and the popular Mr. T  to rock you.
    Plenty of stalls with Arts & Crafts, Hand Bags, Jewelry and lots more.
    Face Painting for the kids and lots of food and drinks.
    The new café ”Rogue Kitchen will also be open
    Bring your family and friends and enjoy this event

    Aqua Blue Night Market :: Other Events