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Photography Workshop
From Wednesday 27 March 2019
To Saturday 06 April 2019

Dock 13 is proud to launch our workshop series with a class given by established fine art photography artist Stéphanie Desvaux! Expand your photographic horizons with The Third Dot resident artist Stéphanie Desvaux in this four sessions course where you will learn the art of going beyond the practical aspect of objects and finding their inner essence. Established artist Stéphanie Desvaux shares with you her experience and philosophy through presentations, group discussions, and photo shoots in the streets of Port Louis. Throughout the course, you will develop your power of observation and learn new ways to use light to shape your photographic image. There will also be opportunities to deepen your knowledge of the editing process during photoshop editing sessions, as well as discussions to help you develop your conceptual thought around the subject of photography. From the 27th of March to the 6th of April Full details on their website: Bookings by email to or call 58 52 43 93 for further info. They can only accommodate ten participants per class so please book immediately to reserve your spot.

Contact 58 52 43 93
Location 13 Albion Docks, Fanfaron Quays, Le Fanfaron, Port Louis
Bookings by email to or call 58 52 43 93 for further info.