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14 May 2021
Eid al-Fitr
30 May 2021
Mother's Day
20 Jun 2021
Father's Day
Mother's Day
Sunday 30 May 2021

A mother remains an important sacred figure in every child's life. In Mauritius, we celebrate the last Sunday of May. Not because of favourable stellar alignments, political machination,  but because of simple pragmatism: payday is at the end of the month and that’s when people can buy those special gifts to treasure those whose day is being celebrated.
Many a Mauritian Mom finds immense pleasure in cooking for her kids(+grand kids in some cases). (Primary/Elementary) school children start preparing for Mother’s day a week or so in advance. Their teachers will assist them in designing cute little cards out of coloured bristol paper (typically baby blue, pink, white, or yellow), decorating them with the help of crayons, pentel, watercolour, confetti, fingerprints, ribbons, wavy scissors, or whatever they can find to make the card even more special. Most importantly, though, is when they will do their ‘bestest best’ to write a special message for their Mom in a font that would make Dali look like an amateur.