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EventsDestinationsDotCom is part of the MYP online network. We increase the awareness of destinations in the Southeast Indian Ocean. One of MYP main objectives is to provide an information service for the public and the business community. Any good information is published on of our online platform and hereafter shared on others within the relevant section. We also share fresh and relevant information and events through our social media channels.
Our network ensures maximum exposure for the companies and individuals’ behind the various events, happenings or performance. This structure creates a centre point for online research and obtain information not matter if it is for business, leisure or technical.


MYP developing opportunities for event planners to not only learn about venues, hotels and event service providers, but we also want to know them in person. If you are looking for a proactive partner, then do not hesitate a second to get in contact. And we will arrange for a work session to explore a mutually beneficial collaboration.

Our partners / Our Clients

How we work

Any promoter or organiser need to promote to create awareness towards their event.
Promotional material can be submitted to MYP.
We will revise the material of each event before it is published on EventsDestinationsDotCom.
To bring maximum exposure, MYP republish and share the event throughout it network and social channels.
Finally, MYP ask the public to submit their review of the event. Where an event have great reviews, or where MYP is invited to the event; MYP will write an independent review.

how we work